Kelvin Kam

Commercial Real Estate Advisor
CA Lic. #01774069

As the dynamic Managing Broker and Founder of Sequoia Real Estate, and Co-Founder of Sequoia Commercial Group, Kelvin Kam leads a high-performance team of some of the top real estate professionals in San Francisco that are known for delivering proven results for a growing ensemble of buyers, sellers, and investors. Actively overseeing a diverse portfolio consisting of both residential and commercial properties, Kelvin does not simply sell homes, he couples clients with the places where they will build their lives. This client-oriented philosophy is not only synonymous with the company, it’s also the driving force that he works tirelessly to cultivate and maintain as a means of propelling Sequoia into the future.

With an impressive track record spanning over 19 years in the industry and former experience buying properties in a variety of asset classes throughout the country, Kelvin has a sharp mind for business and facilitates smooth transactions for his clients and a welcoming, supportive environment for his colleagues. He believes in staying well informed of market trends and approaches the real estate market with dedication, thoughtfulness, and precision, putting clients at ease at every opportunity to ensure they are ever ready and willing to confidently place their trust in him. 

It is this forward-thinking approach that has kept Sequoia ahead of the curve, and his uncanny ability to notice fine details, both in negotiations and in the presentation of properties is what sets Sequoia apart, giving its clientele a distinct advantage in San Francisco’s highly competitive marketplace. Beyond market expertise, Kelvin also has the ability to view every property through a trained eye, quickly distilling the features and unique potential of each space. At the same time, his authentic, down-to-earth demeanor makes him approachable, and one might even say that his ability to connect with clients and anticipate their needs is one of Kelvin’s finest qualities.

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