REvolution Expo – Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

On Monday, October 28, 2019, Sequoia Commercial Group hosted REvolution Expo, a bi-annual event centered around a specific technology which will change the real estate industry. Our focus this time was Artificial Intelligence.

Even though AI research began in the 1950s, applications for the real estate industry didn’t gain traction until the past couple of years. Our speakers understand the importance of AI and shared how their product will assist real estate professionals conduct their business more efficiently and be able to support their clients more effectively. AI can do the following:

– Identify which neighborhoods have the most potential for growth
– Provide insight on real estate markets outside your area
– Determine a property’s potential increase in value based on square footage, room count and condition
– Reveal who is likely to move in the next few months
– Create targeted cost-effective digital ads that provide better results than buying leads online
– Extract key dates/info from contracts and turn them into a to-do list with reminders
– Convert information from text/emails and automatically update your CRM
– Provide a hands-free, voice-activated home search engine

Thank you to all our speakers:

* Anton Danilovich | CEO of TopHap, Inc.
* Chris Drayer | Co-Founder & CEO of Revaluate
* Jake Collier | Co-Founder of FieldNotes Ai
* Ben Matteucci | Co-Founder/CEO of ZIMA Marketing
* Bobby Bryant | Founder/CEO of AskDoss

And a special thank you to our very own Ashley Song for being the MC of the event!

REvolution Expo Pictures

REvolution Expo – Recap Video

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